Vogue Powdered Vinyl Gloves Blue Large (Pack of 100)

Vogue Powdered Vinyl Gloves Blue Large (Pack of 100)

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Need reliable personal safety equipment that won't break the bank? Then these large, powdered vinyl gloves from Vogue are perfect for you! The vinyl material makes these gloves affordable, but with enough protection to keep staff safe when working with light-duty chemicals or non-fatty foods. As such, they're perfect for topping up the disposable stock of any business working to a budget.

Lightly powdered and made with a beaded cuff, they're easy to put on and take off without tearing too - ensuring no time, or stock, is wasted! A tapered wrist also provides a better fit on the hand to prevent these gloves from falling off when in use.

Are These Gloves Recyclable?

Yes, as long as they're uncontaminated, these gloves can be recycled through specialist recycling streams which may be offered locally to you. If you're unable to recycle the gloves, please ensure you dispose of them responsibly into a general waste stream. If used in a care home or healthcare environment, these gloves should be disposed of in accordance with the latest government advice.

Product features

  • Material Vinyl
  • Weight 60g
  • Colour Blue
  • Vinyl (PVC) material offers a good balance of affordability and light-duty protection
  • PVC material will protect against low-level cleaning products and non-fatty foods
  • Lightly powdered - making the gloves easier to put on or take off
  • Latex-free material is perfect for those with allergies
  • Beaded cuff offers extra strength when donning the gloves
  • Beaded cuff will also protect forearms and sleeves from drips
  • Tapered at the wrist for a better fit on the hand
  • Blue colourway makes the gloves highly detectable - ideal for food prep areas
  • Bumper pack size of 100 means each box will last you even longer
  • Certified food-safe, ideal for use in kitchens
  • Non-sterile gloves can be easily disposed of once worn - no need for washing
  • Please note: received items' brand/packaging may be different to those advertised