Use Hand Sanitiser Sign 100mm Self-Adhesive

Use Hand Sanitiser Sign 100mm Self-Adhesive

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Promote better hand hygiene in your premises with this 200(L) x 100(W)mm self-adhesive "Use Hand Sanitiser" sign. The bright blue colour scheme and large text make this sign attention-grabbing and easy to read. As such, it'll encourage staff and customers to thoroughly wash their hands with sanitiser in order to reduce the spread of harmful microbes, illnesses and infections in your venue.

A self-adhesive back allows this sign to be easily stuck on to your walls, windows and other hard surfaces too. This means you can position it in all of your high-traffic areas to ensure maximum awareness of the message.

Product features

  • Dimensions 200(L) x 100(W) x
  • Material Vinyl
  • Weight 100g
  • Encourages staff and customers to practice effective hand hygiene
  • Large, easy-to-read text ensures all can view the message
  • The bright colour scheme instantly grabs attention
  • A self-adhesive back makes the sign easy to apply to walls and windows
  • The vinyl material makes this sign easy to wipe clean