Multi-Purpose Degreaser 1L

Multi-Purpose Degreaser 1L

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Ready to use, multi-purpose degreaser.
Effectively dissolves hard to remove greasy impurities of floral, animal and industrial origin.
Recommended for cleaning car elements, textile surfaces, kitchen surfaces, clothes, garage devices, garden accessories, workplaces and relax centres.


– textile surfaces
– kitchenware (ovens, stove hoods) – degreaser
– vehicle elements (wheels, engines)
– floors, grouts


Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
Product is ready to use without diluting.
Spray the surface with the sprinkler and carefully spread it.
Wait for 2-3 minutes, brush the surface and collect the dirt.
Wash down with water and leave it to dry off on its own.

Warning: Product should not be used on soft materials, transparent plastic, wood, acrylic glass and materials without durable colours.

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