Tork Centrefeed Dispenser White

Tork Centrefeed Dispenser White

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Make blue or white roll easy to grab, with the centrefeed dispenser from Tork. The dispenser is designed to hold and dispense blue (CL129 - for food areas) and white (CL128 - for general use) roll within your workplace - making it easier for staff to clean, clear and maintain areas during their shift. Due to the design of the dispenser, users are not required to touch the unit itself to acquire sheets of blue or white roll, which helps to reduce the transfer of potentially harmful bacteria.

The dispenser is designed with an ergonomic tear-off mechanism that effortlessly rips the required amount of roll when pulled - ensuring a cost-effective process through reducing waste. Boasting a transparent viewing area, the dispenser allows you to regularly check how much blue or white roll is left and ensure that you're stocked-up for the next refill.

The dispenser is easy to open when required, which reduces the amount of time that staff members spend on restocking equipment.

Product features

  • Dimensions 360(H) x 239(W) x 227(D)mm
  • Material Plastic
  • Supplier Model Number 559000
  • Weight 1.315kg
  • Colour White
  • Tear-off mechanism reduces waste and allows for easy dispensing
  • Dispensing requires no contact with the unit to stop the spread of bacteria
  • Easy to open and re-stock when running low on blue or white roll
  • Transparent window allows you to quickly check and replenish stock
  • Wall-mountable design allows for custom installation
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