TopEfekt STR 10L Rubber Floor Cleaner

TopEfekt STR 10L Rubber Floor Cleaner

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Non-polished elastic floorings – deep cleaning

A low foam alkaline cleaner for machine and manual cleaning of all heavily soiled industrial floorings.
Dissolves grease and oil.
Can be used as a stain remover on fitted carpets.
Recommended for cleaning elastic surfaces such as PVC floor coverings, linoleum, vinyl and epoxy floorings

Industrial surface and floors water and alkali proof; production workshops, discharge areas, repair plants, workshops; recommended for the flexible and resin surface.

Method of use:
for manual cleaning use at a dilution of 100-300ml/10l of water;
for machine cleaning – 100-200ml/10l of water;
for deep cleaning – 200-500ml/10l of water.

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