Moss and Algae Remover 1L

Moss and Algae Remover 1L

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Fungi, algae, moss and lichen remover

Concentrated product, designed for removing fungi and destroying moss, algae and lichen from various surfaces (elevations, roofs etc.).
After cleaning, product protects the surface for a long time, by creating an environment that counters microorganism creation.
Prophylactic use improves biological resistance of the cleaned surfaces.


– roofs, elevations, stairs, seams, crevices and balconies
– gravestones


Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
Make a working solution just before using it.
Use at least 80-100 ml / 1 l concentration at 20°C.
Working time is 12-24 hours.
Wash down with clean water (use highly pressured water or brush the surface for best effects).


Prophylactic cleaning:
1-2% solution (10-20 ml / 1 l of water).
Apply through sprinkler.

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