Floor Cleaner and Maintainer  5L

Floor Cleaner and Maintainer 5L

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Cleaner and maintainer for hard floors – stone and elastic both conserved and not-conserved.
Low foam, on the basis of wax emulsions.
Has anti-skidding, antiglare and anti-static properties.
Replenished and renews polymer layers.
Daily cleaning lives glossy finish.
Do not leave streaks.
Protects the floor and hampers the sedimentation of dirt.
The formulation is suitable for polishing.


  • -ceramic tiles, stone, PCV, clinker, stoned conglomerates, rubber, linoleum,
  • varnished wood, cork, – floors in hypermarkets, in food processing industry and collective feeding plants


  • Before use read carefully Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • not-conserved floors : hand washing :25-50ml/ 10 l of water Machine cleaning :50-100ml/10 l of water;
  • Conserved  floors :25l/10l of water Rinse is not require

Capacity: 5 litres

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