Floors & Furniture Cleaner 5L

Floors & Furniture Cleaner 5L

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Current cleaning shiny exclusive surfaces

A ph-neutral alcohol-based floor cleaner with a pleasant citric fragrance.
Evaporates quickly leaving a streak free and shine finish without film build-up.
Safe on all surfaces.
Maintains natural properties of cleaned surfaces.
Recommended for use on all shiny and glazed surfaces with low absorbency.

Designation  :

  • all the water-resistant floors of glazed ceramics tiles, stone, PVC, Varnished timber, cork plastic and wood-like panels.
  •  All above the floor; excellent for cleaning:
  • Varnished furniture, office equipment and other elements

Method of use :

  • for machine cleaning – use at a dilution of 50-100ml/10l of water; for manual cleaning – use at a

Capacity: 5 litres

SKU: B04/005