Grill & Oven Cleaner 5L

Grill & Oven Cleaner 5L

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Grill and oven cleaner – daily cleaning

Unscented ready-to-use cleaner for cleaning grills and racks, stoves, ovens on a daily basis.
Top Grill is based on nonionic surfactants.
Efficiently removes burned-on food and grease leaving the surface clean.
PZH seal of approval No. HŻ/ 00664 / 01 / 2011.

Grills, fireplaces, ovens, burners, gas and electric cookers.

Method of use:
Spray product onto the surface, leave it to work for 2-5 minutes, scrub with a brush or sponge, rinse with clean hot water and wipe dry; for heavy soiled areas – repeat the precedure if necessary.

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