Floor Polish 1L

Floor Polish 1L

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Hard floors maintenance (stone and elastic)

Self-glossing acrylic emulsion, designed for periodic maintenance of the hard floors (stone and elastic).
Effectively protects surfaces from damage and dirt settling.
Easy in use. Has great filling properties.
High-level gloss without polishing.
Provides anti-slip properties and resistance to scratches.

– hard floors inside buildings: elastic (linoleum, PVC, vinyl), stone, terrazzo, terracotta

Apply 3 layers of the product on the clean, dry and pH neutral surface with 25-30 min. intervals between each layer (without diluting).
Wait 8 hours to obtain full hardness of the surface.

Prophylactic HS polishing (about 1500 spins/min.) prolongs exploitation time of the polymer coating.

Daily washing and nurturing: TFC WASH CARE in 0.5% solution (50 ml / 10 l of water).

Prophylactic sweeping sand and dust significantly improves visual effect of the coating.

Use this product in 10-40°C temperature.
Do not use it in sanitary areas or in the kitchen, because of the high humidity in those areas.

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