SYR Dual Spray Mop Microfibre Cleaning Pad

SYR Dual Spray Mop Microfibre Cleaning Pad

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Ensure efficient and hassle-free floor maintenance with this SYR microfibre cleaning pad. The microfibre material means this pad is highly absorbent and will easily attract dust, debris and bacteria. As such, it will make keeping your floors free from spills and mess a simple task. The microfibre material is also non-abrasive, meaning this pad will not scratch or tarnish your flooring.

Red, yellow, green and blue tabs are attached to this cleaning pad. These can be cut off to colour-code and assign the pad to a specific area of your establishment, reducing the risk of cross contamination when cleaning.

A velcro attachment also makes it easy for you to fasten this cleaning pad to the matching SYR dual spray mop frame and handle (DF553 - sold separately).

Product features

  • Dimensions 10(H) x 103(W) x 460(D)mm
  • Material Microfibre
  • Weight 540g
  • Colour White & Grey
  • For use with the SYR dual spray mop frame and handle (DF553 - sold separately)
  • Features a velcro attachment for easy application to the mop head
  • The microfibre material will easily pick up dirt without tarnishing your surfaces
  • The microfibre material means less water is needed to clean your surfaces
  • The colour-coded tabs can be cut off to assign this pad for use in specific areas
SKU: DF554