MAPA Cleaning and Maintenance Glove M

MAPA Cleaning and Maintenance Glove M

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Make health and safety a priority, with these medium, cleaning and maintenance gloves from MAPA. Made from latex and neoprene, these gloves boost excellent durability and offer superb protection against cleaning chemicals or harmful contaminants. This minimises the risk of your employees' hands being harmed, burned or irritated.

As these gloves are designed with a reduced thickness and a textured finish, they enable easy movement, superior touch sensitivity and superb grip even when wet. This will ensure your staff can clean with expert control and precision, with a lesser risk of dropping cleaning equipment.

Featuring a cotton-flock lining, these gloves provide excellent comfort during use, whilst keeping your staff's hands dry - ideal for use throughout lengthy cleaning tasks.

Product features

  • Material Neoprene and natural latex
  • Weight 80g
  • Colour Black
  • The latex and neoprene materials make these gloves robust and offer great protection against chemicals
  • A perspiration-absorbing, cotton-flock lining makes the gloves comfortable to wear
  • A non-slip embossing offers superb grip
  • Reduced thickness enables easy movement and control
  • Sturdy construction makes the gloves suitable for use when handling cleaning chemicals
  • Lengthy construction protects the wrists and forearms
  • Powderless