Jantex Toilet Rolls 2-ply (Pack of 36)

Jantex Toilet Rolls 2-ply (Pack of 36)

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Looking for high-quality toilet paper, without breaking the bank? Then look no further than this pack of 36, 2-ply Jantex toilet rolls. Thanks to the highly absorbent, 2-ply construction, guests will require less sheets per use which provides excellent cost-efficiency - allowing you to make the most of each purchase.

As these toilet rolls are made from recycled paper, they are also far kinder to the planet than rolls made from non FSC-certified virgin paper. By making the switch to these toilet rolls, you can therefore work to improve your business's green footprint and take steps towards a more sustainable operation.

Supplied in a pack of 36, these toilet rolls are designed to last you through many services and ensure that you're always stocked-up, ready for guests to arrive.

Product features

  • Dimensions 96(W) x 112(Ø)mm
  • Material Recycled paper
  • Weight 3.77kg
  • Colour White
  • Approximately 320 sheets per roll which allows for use by multiple guests
  • The 2-ply material makes this toilet paper strong and absorbent
  • High-quality construction offers great comfort at a cost-effective price
  • Perforations between sheets allow guests to only use the required amount
  • The recycled paper material makes these rolls kinder to Earth's finite resources
  • Empty rolls can also be recycled and composted after use if clean
  • CHSA accredited
  • FSC certified
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