Jantex Stainless Steel Scourer

Jantex Stainless Steel Scourer

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Effortlessly remove stubborn dirt and grime with this Jantex stainless steel scourer. The tough, abrasive stainless steel material allows this scrubber to quickly penetrate, break-down and remove even the toughest of burnt-on food debris - leaving your equipment and appliances sparklingly clean in no time.

The intricate stainless steel strands will effectively clean small crevices too - ensuring each utensil, surface and appliance is left completely free from dirt.

The durable stainless steel material also makes this scrubber resistant to rusting and corrosion. This means it can cope with many heavy-duty cleans before needing to be replaced, so you can stretch your money that little bit further with each purchase!

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 50g
  • Colour Black
  • Tough, abrasive stainless steel material removes stubborn stains with ease
  • Stainless steel strands will thoroughly clean even the smallest crevices
  • Durable material can withstand hot water, detergents, cleaning chemicals and corrosion
  • Versatile design makes the scourer ideal for use on cookware, dishes, grills, ovens and more
  • Compact design allows you to make the most out of your cleaning equipment storage
  • Cost-friendly scourer is great for those working to a budget