Jantex Solonet Cloths Blue (Pack of 50)

Jantex Solonet Cloths Blue (Pack of 50)

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For effective, hygienic cleaning results, choose these non-woven blue Jantex solonet cloths. The blue colourway makes these cloths perfectly suited for colour-coded cleaning. Color-coded cleaning will help to prevent cross contamination, and limit the spread of harmful bacteria throughout the different areas of your premises.

The viscose and polyester material makes the cloths highly absorbent too - making it easy for staff to quickly tackle dirt, grime and mess on your surfaces.

And because they're certified food-safe, these cloths can be used in your kitchens and other prep areas without risk of tainting your ingredients!

Product features

  • Dimensions 580(W) x 330(D)mm
  • Material Polyester & Viscose
  • Weight 390g
  • Colour Blue
  • Blue colourway makes the cloths suitable for colour-coded cleaning to prevent cross contamination
  • Thick, highly absorbent polyester and viscose material quickly soaks up spills and mess
  • Lint-resistant, non-woven material leaves fewer fibres on your surfaces
  • Certified food-safe - making the cloths ideal for use in food prep areas
  • Large size allows you to tackle bigger surfaces with less effort
  • Bumper box of 50 means each pack will last you longer
  • Also available in yellow, red and green to match your colour-coded systems