Jantex Medium Extra Heavy-Duty Black Bin Bags 70Ltr (Pack of 200)

Jantex Medium Extra Heavy-Duty Black Bin Bags 70Ltr (Pack of 200)

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Hygienic, effective waste disposal is guaranteed with this pack of 200 x 70Ltr Jantex extra heavy-duty black refuse sacks. The super-strong polythene material makes these extra heavy-duty bin bags suitable for holding up to 20kg of waste. This will ensure staff can safely dispose of heavy industrial waste without fear of the bags ripping and spreading harmful bacteria or hazardous materials.

The 70Ltr capacity allows these refuse sacks to hold large volumes of waste too - so they'll even require less-regular emptying during service!

And thanks to the huge box quantity of 200, each pack will also last you far longer. Not only will this stretch your money that little bit further, but it'll also make sure you've always got bin bags on hand when you need them most!

Product features

  • Capacity 90Ltr | 20kg
  • Dimensions 457(FW) x 737(OW) x 965(L)mm | 18 x 29 x 38"
  • Material Recycled Polythene
  • Weight 7.78kg
  • Colour Black
  • 20kg weight capacity allows the bags to safely hold heavy trade and industrial waste
  • Extra heavy-duty, tear and puncture-resistant material prevents spills and leaks
  • 70Ltr capacity allows the bags to hold medium-sized volumes of waste before needing to be emptied
  • CHSA accreditation ensures the bags conform to a weight drop test and puncture, ripping and tearing measures
  • Black material hides unsightly waste and improves privacy
  • Bumper box quantity of 200 means each pack will last you longer
  • Polythene material means the bags can be recycled for more sustainable waste disposal
  • Check with your waste management service first before sending these bags for recycling
  • Face Width: 457mm | 18"
  • Open Width: 737mm | 29"
  • Length: 965mm | 38"