Jantex Manual Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 900ml White

Jantex Manual Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 900ml White

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For hygienic, efficient handwashing, choose this 900ml Jantex ABS liquid soap and hand sanitiser dispenser. Built to deliver a 2ml dosage of solution, this dispenser will ensure staff and guests are using the correct amount of soap or sanitiser needed to thoroughly clean their hands. Delivering a controlled dosage means this dispenser will reduce wastage too - so each refill of soap or hand sanitiser will last you even longer!

And thanks to the lever-free design, users can even operate the dispenser with their arms or elbows. This will help to keep the unit free from contamination.

The impressive 900ml capacity also means the dispenser needs refilling less regularly - saving staff valuable time for other tasks while ensuring your washrooms are always running smoothly.

Product features

  • Capacity 900ml
  • Dimensions 250(H) x 115(W) x 115(D)mm
  • Material ABS
  • Weight 600g
  • Colour White
  • Produces a dosage of 2ml to ensure effective hand washing
  • Delivering a controlled dosage will also help to reduce wastage
  • Lever-free design means there's no crevices in which bacteria can hide
  • Lever-free design also enables a more hygienic hands-free operation
  • Refillable reservoir makes restocking the dispenser simple
  • Generous 900ml capacity means you'll need to restock less often
  • Sturdy ABS construction gives the dispenser great durability
  • ABS material and rounded corners also make for easy cleaning
  • Large front window makes checking stock levels easy
  • Lockable for added security
  • Can be easily mounted to your walls with the included fixings
  • Compatible with liquid soaps and gel hand sanitisers only