Jantex Clipex Mop Handle With Colour Coded Clips

Jantex Clipex Mop Handle With Colour Coded Clips

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For flexible, effective cleaning, choose this Clipex mop handle from Jantex. The interchangeable design means this handle can be used with the huge range of matching Jantex mop heads, allowing you to pick and choose the head that best suits each cleaning task to deliver the best possible results. Using this interchangeable handle means you won't need to stay stocked up with fully assembled mops too - freeing up valuable space in your cleaning cupboards.

The included red, green, blue and yellow clips also allow you use this mop handle for colour-coded cleaning. This will help to prevent cross contamination and limit the spread of bacteria throughout your site.

It's user-friendly use too, thanks to the lightweight material and grooved handle. This will ensure staff can mop for lengthy periods without any discomfort.

Please Note: This pack contains 1 x mop handle with 4 x colour-coded clips.

Product features

  • Dimensions 1370(L)mm
  • Weight 450g
  • Colour White
  • Can be quickly interchanged with different Jantex mop heads to suit each cleaning task
  • Simple screw-on fit makes installing the mop heads easy
  • Blue, red, green and yellow clips to designate the mop for colour-coded cleaning areas
  • Using an interchangeable handle also saves valuable space in your cleaning cupboards
  • Lightweight design allows users to mop for longer periods
  • Grooved handle ensures a firm, comfortable grip
  • 54" length allows staff to clean larger surface areas with every wipe
  • 54" length means the handle can even be used to clean windows and hard-to-reach spots
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