Limescale Remover 0.5kg

Limescale Remover 0.5kg

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Removing limescale from household accessories

Very efficient product, designed for removing limescale from household accessories.
Recommended for using on traditional and electric kettles, coffee machines and other devices which may create limescale during their exploitation.


– all kinds of coffee makers, kettles
– washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, heaters, water containers etc.
– bathroom sinks, shower-trays


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.

Expresses, dishwashers etc.:
– Use it according to device’s instructions, or make a 2-5% solution (20-50g / 1 l of warm water (about 50°C)) .
– Pour into appliance which you want to clean, leave it for 20-30 minutes and carefully wash it out with clean drinking water.


Washing machines:
Put about 25g (1 kitchen spoon) of the product for every 1,5 liter of water (depending on the capacity of the washing container) inside and enable the shortest washing cycle (10-20 minutes) at max 60°C.

Warning: Do not use for galvanizing and during washing.
Use at least once a week or when needed.

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