Fridge & Glass Containers Cleaner 1L

Fridge & Glass Containers Cleaner 1L

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Cleaning refrigerators, freezers and glass containers

Ready to use, alcohol-based product, designed for cleaning refrigerators, freezers and various kinds of glass and plastic containers used for food storage (meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables etc.).
Excellently degreases cleaned surfaces without leaving any stains.
Product does not need to be washed down with water.
May be used in negative temperatures (up to -20ºC).


– refrigerators, fridges, freezers
– glass and plastic containers


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
Spread the product on the surface, brush it and collect the dissolved dirt.
Wipe it down until it is dry.
Do not dilute the product when using it in negative temperatures.
In positive temperatures, use the 1:10 solution (100 ml / 1 l of water).
Product doesn’t need to be washed down.

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