Cleaner and Disinfection 1L

Cleaner and Disinfection 1L

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Alkaline cleaning and disinfecting

Concentrated, alkaline product, based on quaternary ammonium compounds, designed for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, floors and devices that have direct contact with food.
Product does not contain phosphates and chlorine.
Product is safe for cleaned surfaces and doesn’t damage them.
Odourless. Contains corrosion inhibitors.


– tables, slicers, knifes, saws, hatchets, ladles, forks
– containers, plastic and metal packages, shelves, rooms for food storage
– fruits, vegetables, luggage space inside trucks that transport bread
– workwear, boots, gloves, wipers


Before using, read the product’s safety data sheet.
Working solution must be made directly before using.

Spread the appropriate solution on the surface at 20°C:
– disinfection: bacteria – concentration 2% (200 ml / 10 l of water), 5 minutes
– disinfection: fungus – concentration 2% (200 ml / 10 l of water), 15 minutes
After disinfecting, wash down the surface with large amount of drinking water.
Ventilate the room for about 5 minutes.

Use the method:
a) foaming – highly and lowly pressured water, disinfection and rinsing
b) immersing – bathtub and kitchen sink
c) washing and disinfecting in closed systems
d) washing and disinfecting by traditional methods

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