Glass Cleaner & Coater 1L

Glass Cleaner & Coater 1L

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Concentrated product for cleaning and coating glass surfaces

Neutral in working solutions concentrated product designed for washing glass surfaces on the outside and inside of a building (glass, mirrors, storefronts, partition walls etc.).
Cleans the surface and leaves a protective hydrophobic coating.
Removes atmospheric and exploitative dirt (dust, insect remains, water stains).
Environment- friendly.



  • glass
  • mirrors
  • storefronts
  • partition walls



Stubborn dirt: 1-1,5% solution (50-75 ml / 5 l of water). Daily cleaning: 0,5% solution (25 ml / 5 l of water).
Create working solution. Apply product on the surface and wash it with window mop. Collect dirt with squeegee. Repeat the process if needed.
We recommend using sponge for very stubborn dirt.

Remarks: Use cold or lukewarm water.
Using demineralized water eliminates water stains.
Do not use this product in full sun.

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