Car Max Pre-Wash Foam 1L

Car Max Pre-Wash Foam 1L

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Washing car bodies – active foam

Professional Alkaline and super concentrated product for cleaning all vehicle exteriors. Pre-Wash foaming, easily removes traffic film and dirt, it is recommended for frequent cleaning various car bodies.
Dedicated for all kinds of car washes


– passenger, delivery and off-road vehicles
– manual car-washes
– self service car washes


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
Use in the form of water solution, according to the contamination level of the surface.

– means of transport in winter period 1:20, in summer period 1:50
– foam lance in winter period 1:1, in summer period 1:2
– turbo spraying 2% (200 ml / 10 l of water)
– car-washes 1% (100 ml / 10 l of water)
– manual washing 1% (100 ml / 10 l of water)


Thoroughly wash it down with highly pressured water (120-150 bar)

Warning: Do not let the working solution dry off on the cleaned surface.

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