CAR Max Car Body Wash Active Foam 5L

CAR Max Car Body Wash Active Foam 5L

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Washing the car body of vehicles – active foam

Alkaline cleaning agent with wide range of use.
High activity carwash foam which can be used in solutions with different concentrations.
Recommended for frequent washing of mechanical vehicles, cars, SUVs, buses, etc.
Suitable for use in all types of car washes as a pre-wash foam

• Personal cars, trucks, delivery cars, buses Can be used in self-serviced car wash.

Methods of use
• Sprayer : – means of transportation : – in winter 1:20 with water – in summer 1:50 with water
• Lance for foam or disinfection: – in winter 1:1 with water – in summer 1:2 with water
• Wash with water under pressure
• Manual washing : solution 1% (100 ml/ 10 l of water)
• Wash with running water.

Attention! Prevent from drying on the car body.

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