Concrete and Cement Cleaner 5L

Concrete and Cement Cleaner 5L

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Cleaner for concrete and cement delivery vehicles (building machinery).

A highly concentrated acid-based cleaner designed to remove concrete, cement residues and other post-building soiling.
Recommended for cleaning construction machinery, concrete mixers, moulds for concrete pavers and slabs, construction equipment and scaffolding.
Highly effective and fast-acting cleaner.
Contains inorganic acids up to 35%.
Attention: Suitable for hydrochloric acid-resistant surfaces only.

Building devices,concrete mixers,specialist devices

Method of use:
Use at a dilution of 5-20% (0,5-2l/10l of water) – depending on the degree of soiling.
Apply to the soiled area using a sprayer and leave to work for a few minutes.
Then rinse with high pressure water.


Not suitable for chrome, nickel and enamel surfaces.
Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.

Capacity: 5L

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