Cement & Concrete Pollution EXTRA STRONG Remover 10L

Cement & Concrete Pollution EXTRA STRONG Remover 10L

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Removing cement and concrete pollution from construction devices

Concentrated product based on inorganic acids, designed for removing cement and concrete contaminations from construction devices.
Recommended for cleaning construction machines, concrete mixers, manual tools etc.
Suitable for using on surfaces resistant to acid.

– Construction equipment
– Construction molds
– Construction devices
– Cement/concrete mixers

Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
Create a 5-20% solution with water (0.5 – 2l / 10l of water) depending on the contamination level, spray the surface and leave it for a few minutes.
Finally, wash the surface with highly pressured water


Warning: Do not use on chromed, nickelled or enamelled surfaces.
Do not let the working solution dry off on its own.
Use only on surfaces resistant to hydrochloric acid.

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