Rust, Limescale and Cement Remover 5L

Rust, Limescale and Cement Remover 5L

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Removing rust, limescale and cement from vehicles

Concentrated, highly acidic product, designed for removing rust, limescale, dripstone, concrete and cement from acid-proof surfaces.
Contains corrosion inhibitors.
Recommended for thorough cleaning mechanical vehicles and specialistic construction devices.


– construction equipment, concrete mixers, specialist equipment


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
– remove excess concrete with highly pressured water.
– create a 1:5 – 1:10 solution with water
– spray it on the surface and wait for a few minutes
– thoroughly wash it with highly pressured water
– do not let the surface dry, while it’s covered with working solution

Warning: Do not use on chromed, nickelled or enamelled surfaces.
Using concentrate as a working solution is possible after thorough analysis of the cleaned surface, but it is advised to perform durability test of the material.

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