Exterior Cleaner 1L

Exterior Cleaner 1L

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Thorough cleaning exterior surfaces

Very effective alkaline product, designed for cleaning elevations, roofs and facades from tarry contaminations, impurities of organic origin and petroleum pollution.


– facades, elevations and roofs of all kinds
– lower parts of the car bodies
– wheels, wheel trims, wheel rims, wheel arches


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
Use as water solution according to the level of the contamination of the surface.

1:5 – 1:10 (100-200 ml / 1 l of water):
Spread the product on the surface by sprinkler and then wash it with highly pressured water (about 100 bar).
Wash it down with warm water (70-80°C) for greater effect.
Small surfaces may be washed down with medium bristled brush and hot water.

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