Here at Glanaco, we have the facility to design, engineer and manufacture great solutions for our customers. For local authorities and municipalities, we have designed many wash systems, disinfectant systems and brooms, for a wide variety of applications.

Our snow brooms have been used in Moscow, our oil spillage washers used through Ireland and our sweeper attachements used in America.


Road and footpath washing is fast becoming a major part of our bespoke business. Out street washer attaches to most utility vehicles, such as MultiHog, adding to their abilities within the municipal sector. The SiteWash DUO is a high pressure attachment that can angle left and right hydraulically,  giving a spray of  up to 160 bar. The 1200 liter water tank allows the unit to be used for up to an hour washing before refill is required.


The SiteWash Bowser is a bespoke trailer mounted water system, designed to spray Road Bio on to road and highways. Road Bio is a chemical used widely to treat heavy oil spills, as it breaks down the chemical elements naturally, allowing it to go to drain safely. Our SiteWash automatically mixes the correct part chemical with water, and sprays directly onto the road.

There is also a hand lance which can be used for heavier spills, sign washing and watering applications.

Weed Control

The Limpar Weed Eater is equipped with six braided wire elements, that removes weeds from paved surfaces – without any chemical agents or thermal treatment.

Thanks to its balanced weight distribution and the large wheels it offers outstanding maneuverability. Special bearing support of the brush head enables vibration-free work. The brush can be pivoted laterally for convenient cleaning on edges.

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