Limpar Power Sweepers

Limpar manufacture one of the finest power sweepers on the market today. With a range of brush widths from 70cm up to 1.2m, the choice is huge and can cater for most applications. Typically, ideal for moss, leaves, and heavy debris, the Limpar range is ideally suited into tennis courts, driveways, patios, and footpaths.

Sweep Angle Left & Right

All Limpar sweepers come with poly and nylon brushes that angle left and right to sweep to the side. They can be replaced by wire if needed and are powered by a range of Honda petrol engines, and come with collection box and snow blade for winter use. Available for domestic and Industrial use, and can usually be found is most good hire companies.

New All Electric Sweeper

Here at Glanaco Services we are constantly trying to find new ways to be more environmentally conscious. With that we have decided to introduce the Limpar Battery Sweeper to our range of yard sweepers.

The electric sweeper comes with welcomed advantages:

  • Noise reduction
  • Exhaust-free operation
  • No direct carbon emissions
  • Easy engine start

The EGO Power+  56v Arc Lithium Battery  has an innovative design that keeps the battery cool to prevent overheating and maximise run times. Thanks to zero emissions and less vibrations, this technology proves to be more environmentally friendly, quieter and safer.

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Weed Control

The Limpar Weed Eater is a superb machine when it comes to edging and weeding kerbs and patios. The WD70 will powerfully cut out weeds at the base, so you don’t need to use chemical weed killers. They are highly effective at removing moss from concrete and tar areas.

For further information on this range call us and we can arrange a demonstration for you.