Walk behind Vacuum Sweeper : GSE700

GSE 700 Vacuum Sweeper


With its anti-trace tyres, no visible marks are left behind when sweeping, making the GSE700 suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The GSE 700 is equipped with Smart Traction.

The Smart Traction counter-rotating brushes collect both fine and bulky waste. The waste is captured in the first brush and passed through the second brush to the collection bin. This rotation also helps move the sweeper along the ground making it more comfortale for the operator as little force is needed to move it.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used on wet and dry surfaces
  • Simple system for adjusting brushes
  • Suitable for small shops, forecourts and car parks
Technical Data
Area to be cleaned 500 – 2000 m²
Cleaning width 700 mm
Collection Bin 43 Litres
Supply 12 V Battery
Size (mm) 1234 x 680 x 990

Vacuum Sweeper Product Range

GSE700 vacuum sweeper

GSE 700

Sweep and collect dust, dirt, leaves and debris in one passing motion with the GSE 700 vacuum sweeper.

GSE900 Vacuum Sweeper

GSE 900

The GSE 900 sweeper can reach a cleaning width of 1000 mm with the side kerb brush making it ideal for cleaning outdoor areas.


GSR 1100

The GSR 1100 is a small, agile ride-on sweeper perfect for cleaning indoor areas with narrow passages.


GSR 1300

The GSR 1300 is a compact sweeper used to quickly clean small and medium sized areas both indoors and outdoors.


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