Ride-on Scrubber Dryer: GSDR 610

GSDR 610 Scrubber Dryer


The GSDR 610 is a professional drive-on scrubber dryer, compact and agile, with high-productivity performances. It is suitable for all medium-sized areas and is safe to use around the public as it leaves the floor perfectly dry after cleaning. It has a long running time (up to 6 hours), reducing the consumption of water and chemicals.


  • Twin cleaning head for double the cleaning surface
  • Comfortable drive-on scrubber for quicker cleaning
  • Excellent drying – no wet traces left behind
  • Dust emissions control
  • Suitable for larger shops, retail centres and industrial warehouses
Technical Data
Area to be cleaned 2000 – 5000 m²
Cleaning width 610 mm
Drying width 770 mm
Cleaning head Twin brush
Solution tank 65 Litres
Power 24 V Gel Battery
Size (mm) 1340 x 770 x 1130

Scrubber Dryer Product Range

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