Walk behind Scrubber Dryer: GSD 391 CB

GSD 391 CB Scrubber Dryer


The GSD 391 CB is the perfect scrubber dryer if you have a location where a large machine is restricted, or if you need to perform emergency cleaning when the public is present. Schedule cleaning in a way that is both practical and doesn’t waste time with this maintenance scrubber dryer.

By drying the floor while cleaning it, this small scrubber dryer helps to keep workplace interruptions and spills to a minimum, conserving time and money for your company.


  • No lead which can be a trip-hazard to employess / customers
  • Its compact size means it can reach hard to access areas
  • Easy to transport
  • Handle can be put in a vertical position to have easier access to corners
  • Suitable for smaller shops, butcher counters, schools, offices
Technical Data
Area to be cleaned 200 – 1000 m²
Cleaning width 385 mm
Drying width 450 mm
Cleaning head Single disc
Solution tank 14 Litres
Power Cable 230, 24 V Battery
Size (mm) 1130 x 500 x 1030

Scrubber Dryer Product Range

GSD391 CB Scrubber Dryer

GSD 391 CB

The GSD 391 CB is small walk-behind scrubber dryer perfect for locations where large machines are restricted.

GSD 471 Scrubber Dryer

GSD 471

The GSD471 is a medium-sized scrubber drier that offers safe and effective cleaning for small to medium surfaces.

GSD531 Scrubber Dryer

GSD 531

Because of its very low noise level, the GSD 531 can be used in all locations where quiet operation is a must.

GSDR610 Scrubber Dryer

GSDR 610

GSDR 610 is a professional ride-on scrubber-dryer, compact and agile, with high-productivity performances.

GSDR 802 Scrubber Dryer

GSDR 802

The GSDR 802 scrubber dryer is perfect for medium to large sized areas, even in narrow passages and difficult lay-outs.


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