GS170 – Loader Attachment

Built to attach to loaders, piped directly to the hydraulics, this powerful sweeper will sweep and collect construction debris from access roads and public roads quickly and efficiently.


The Hydraulic system allows for ease of use and function. The oil flow restrictor will only use the optimum amount of oil. The Gravity water system ensures excellent dust control. 125 Litre capacity allows for over 30 minutes of sweeping before the need to refill.

Suitable for loaders Construction sites public and access roads.

Full specification below but may change from time to time, so please contact us for the latest combinations.


Overall Width: 1950mm
Sweeping width: 1700mm
Weight: 450Kg
Collector Bin: 400

Ltr LxWxH(mm): 2050x1950x1000
Flow rate: 35ltr/min
Width with side brush: 2150mm
Water: 125 Ltr.